What is The Towers of Adrala?

The Towers of Adrala is an independently published Science-Fiction/Fantasy saga written by me, Andrew Suzanne.  The story about the world of Adrala, its enigmatic towers, its colorful inhabitants, and the twisting conspiracy that threatens to destroy it has been passionately evolved over the course of a decade.

The adventure is told by four characters; Sye, the uncertain but charismatic prince; Pird, the loudmouthed prankster; Eris, the quiet bookworm; and Zook, the irritable and violent doctor.  Their friendship to one another is unique, but strong.  Their ongoing dialogue drives the story forward through the harrowing disasters that have erupted across Adrala and through the lonely dark of its towers.

Within this ongoing story you'll find flawed characters desperately trying to reconcile with themselves, each other, and the crumbling world around them.  You'll find great ships and noisy carts powered by massive spring-powered engines; cities that bleed either water or fire; and powerful magic bound tenuously by logic and will.  Shadowy puppeteers pull the strings of conspiracy that has dictated Adrala's history for millennia.  An ancient force that once brought the world to the brink of destruction  walks again and seeks to finish what it started.

Or so the four uncertain heros are told to believe. 


Much of the artwork you see here, including the site's header, is by the incredibly gifted Alysia Prosser.  You can see more of her art (and become a fan!) at her Facebook page here and her deviantART page here.

The Saranodian symbol used in the logo and throughout much of the site was created by the great designer Zachary Downer.  You can see more of his artwork at his deviantART page here.

About the Author

Andrew Suzanne is an easily bored individual who came up with a world where people can move rocks and fire with their minds while he was in the shower. After a decade’s worth of boredom and countless minor characters that refused to stay minor, Andrew had a sizable collection to turn into a series of books. He hopes that you enjoyed your stay in his home in Adrala and wishes you to come back soon in Book One – Part Two: Krakrenenor.

He lives with roommates that he often keeps up till dawn with Adrallian ‘what-ifs’ in Tennessee.