Explore Adrala and its mysteries.

The bones of civilizations forgotten long before Adrala had a name now stir as the Four under the Foundings' age-old conspiracy comes to a close. The silence of the towers is broken and powerful magic has been unleashed for anyone to use, sowing chaos across the land.

Here you can find the story behind Adrala and its inhabitants. The story of The Towers of Adrala is an evolving story rich with lore and this page will be continually updated alongside it. Follow The Towers of Adrala on Facebook and myself on Twitter (Both links can be found to the right) to be notified of updates here, upcoming releases, and a look inside the process of creating a world.


From the joke-throwing Pird to the powerful Scorn; the story of The Towers of Adrala is told by its characters. Here you can find the four uncertain heros chosen to tread the dark depths of the titular towers and the many individuals that help, hinder, or simply confound them.


Pird's Grapplechain.  The spring-engines that power Adrala's unusual technology.  The Talads.   There are many objects; of either magic or machine, powerful or subtle; that play a role in the final days of Adrala's history.  Here you can find the inner-workings of the fantastical and technological objects within The Towers of Adrala. 


There are many mysteries and tales of wonder sewn into the fabric of Adrala.  Here you'll find both, along with the different culture of this world's inhabitants.  The supposed divinity of their three gods, the great, impregnable towers, and the very history of Adrala are all interwoven in ways that have never been questioned.  Until now.