Eris Salvor

The Rageless Bookworm

I wonder how much ocean is being held just above our heads.  If we’re deep enough and these barriers broke, I suppose we wouldn’t feel a thing.
-Eris, silently observing her mortality

Age – 21

Birthplace - Bakaar

Hometown - Eretia

Eris is a connoisseur of words, always gently correcting Pird’s grammatical butchery.  She prefers to listen rather than speak, entering her friend’s conversation only when she knows they’ve overlooked something.  To others, Eris appears to be unusually calm and collected.  To herself, she has stubbornly ignored anger and hatred for so long she's forgotten how to feel them; her past a dire inspiration.

Eris lost her parents to the disappearance of the Sea Hammer at a very young age.  She is raised and tutored by her godfather, Magist. 

When her world is broken and old magic and technology is unleashed on the land, Eris finds that she knows things that even her well-read mind should not know.  She feels like she’s remembering; memories that are not hers.

Soon Eris has to confront her pacifism to protect her friends.  Soon she must accept the cruel gift Saranoda has fused with her arm.

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