Pird Altius


“I claim insanity!”
-Pird, while hiding behind Sye, after sticking his wet finger in Eris' ear.

Age – 20

Birthplace/Hometown - Eretia 

Pird is a casual thief, taking things people won't miss or things people want to lose.  He lives to test the tenuous limits of Zook's patience while always being just out of reach.  His good-natured humor is infectious and a valuable resource in the face of the horrific disasters that plague Adrala.  In the face of  his and his friends' mortality he still finds a way to smile; he doesn't know it, but his ability to keep his friends laughing and together makes him the most essential of their group.

He is another orphan of the loss of the Sea Hammer.  He was raised and mentored by his godfather Magist.  Pird has never taken Magist's boundless patience for granted.

Pird is an acrobat and a trickster.  He knows how to think outside the box and catches things his friends miss.  He has sharp eyes and an acute sense of direction with an incredible memory for retaining where they've been, a skill lost on him during Magist's lessons.  He craves challenge and extending his abilities, which allows him to see the thinnest of silver linings for the hardships that lay before him.


  • "Altius" is derived from the Latin word altus, which means "tall".  Pird is rather short.