Syrus Darvini

Prince of Eretia

“Nearly fifteen years.  That’s all we have right now. We have to help each other, Zook. There’s no one else here.”
-Sye, while confronting Zook

Age – 22

Birthplace/Hometown - Eretia 

Syrus, or ‘Sye’ to his friends, is Prince to the Mayor of Eretia. Despite being groomed to lead, Sye is uncertain about his future in politics. When he doesn’t second-guess himself and instead speaks his mind, people listen.  Sye possesses a natural charisma that helps him talk his way out of danger.  Despite his self-doubt, Sye stands firm even in the face of danger when he's confronted with his morality.

When the cataclysms begin to swallow Adrala’s cities, Sye finds himself alone amongst his friends when he questions the intent of their shadowy puppeteers. Already afraid of the strained relationship with his friends because of his suspicions and having to curb Zook’s anger, Sye does not dare to acknowledge the feelings that arise for Eris.

As the seals open Sye finds that he sometimes can 'see' some threats right before they hurt his friends.  He is also naturally talented at certain mental magics, such as the ability to enter memories under the right circumstances.  The source of these abilities is unknown to him and he cannot control them.