Torin "Zook" Mursaan

Violent Healer

“Because it's cold down there, you're wet, and I know it'll make you miserable. Get some eggs while you're at it.”
-Zook, to a recently-dunked Pird

Age – 23

Birthplace - D'buul

Hometown - Eretia

To those who don’t know him well, Torin, or “Zook” as he will quite violently insist, appears to be a contradiction of a person. Although short tempered, prone to physical retaliation, and often cynical; Zook is the most gifted Healer in Adrala. Zook cannot stand to see somebody in pain unless it was by his own hand. The world has taken and denied much from him, of his friends he most remembers the pain of being orphaned.  He remembers his father's abandonment.  The Board of Medicine not only denied his application to be a Doctor, but branded him a reckless upstart and a danger to his patients.  Zook finds it easy, almost comforting, to cast blame on others so he can more justly continue his nearly incessant anger.

Of his friends, Zook most readily believes their shadowy puppeteers when his home is destroyed. He finally feels like something is to blame for all his pain. Tensions are taught with him and Sye, as his best friend voices his doubt of their puppeteer’s intentions.