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  • Saranoda, Tower of Water
  • Krakrenenor, Tower of Fire
  • Bandui, Tower of Wind
  • Tumbar, Tower of Earth
  • Eretia
  • Royanter, City of Mirrors
  • Mirith, the Third City
  • Dolwrath, the Second City
  • Benji Bridge
  • The Delta
  • Dillenden
  • Esdelen
  • D'buul
  • Fidepel
  • Korlith Desert
  • Flaar's Hive
  • Threndre's Hive
  • The Curian Way
  • The White Wastes
  • The Lermur Sea
  • The Citadel


  • Gaia
  • The Dominance War
  • War of the Two Kings
  • The Disapearance of the Sea Hammer
  • The Threndrian Incursion
  • The Flarrian Treaty
  • The Failed Empire
  • The Shattering


  • The Dark
  • Medicine in Adrala
  • Deities
  • The Creeds
  • Nurse, Healer, Doctor
  • The Kingship of Mirith
  • The City States
  • The Legion
  • The Phalanx
  • The Board of Medicine
  • Khalist
  • The Rifts
  • The Aether
  • Aetherium
  • Aetherium Energy (Manipulation)
  • Zero-Point Energy Technology
  • Obruos
  • Arrays