Tower of Water

Colossal, gargantuan, massive, giant, and mammoth were all words too small to describe the great tower Saranoda.

Saranoda is a beacon across the Lermur Sea to the island city of Eretia.  The most well-known of the three towers that are common knowledge, Saranoda is also the most useful.  Incredible amounts of drinkable water cascade from its innumerable fountains; making life in Eretia not only possible, but luxurious.  A huge man-made bowl is constructed at its base to collect much of the falling water and divert it to Eretia's canal network.  Pipes attached to Saranoda's larger sea-level apertures provide the water-pressure that powers much of Eretia's water technology and decorations.  The tower's sea-level arms form the base for the framework that the artificial island of Eretia has been constructed upon.

Saranoda Ere

As one of the towers of Adrala, its origin is unknown.  To Eretians, it is as much part of the landscape as the Lermur Sea around them.  For as long as Adrala's history, Saranoda has only ever had a single, empty room.

At the beginning of Adrala's downfall a massive surge beneath Eretia, originating at Saranoda, wipes out the city of Eretia after the tower's falls run dry.  Among the few survivors are Eris, Zook, Pird, and Sye.  The tower opens for these four and they find a silent labyrinth of tunnels and great, dark rooms.  Under the tower they discover the ruins of the mirrored city Royanter and Saranoda's human origin.

Saranoda is built above the Hydrologic Rift and polarizes the escaping Aetherium energy to its natural liquid polarity.  The tower's designers prevent cataclysmic excess by directing unused energy to manipulate the surrounding sea, driving it up through Saranoda's pipelines and purifying the water.  At the fall of Gaia during Scorn's sealing, the Four Under the Foundings had the foresight to seal the Hydrologic Rift to better direct humanity's reemergence.  The Four Under the Foundings blame the sudden unsealing of the Hydrologic Rift on Scorn and attribute its opening to Eretia's destruction.  The evidence supporting this claim is uncertain.

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  • The name "Saranoda" is a play off of the word serenade; a music composition in somebody's honor that is usually light and soothing.  The primary inspiration for this is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's music piece Serenade of Water.