Pird's Daggers

Lightning Rods

Pird flipped a dagger from its sheath, catching it by the tip of its blade. He brought it over his shoulder and flung it forward, summoning a portion of his magic to shoot up his arm into the blade. The blade spun in a blur, flashing as it caught light that wasn't there, and skimmed past the bug's long face to thud into its shoulder.

Pird's Dagger
Pird’s daggers were originally forged as a single blade by Karatak the Third under Senallus the First’s instruction. This blade and its array were carefully split into two daggers. This pair of unique ‘half’ arrays creates a tangible relationship between the two daggers, a fluctuating charged field that requires only a spark of Aetherium energy to ignite a lightning arc from one blade to the other.

Pird is creative with his weapons. By summoning a bolt right before striking he can stun or incapacitate a foe without doing real harm. With Zook’s help, the daggers can also act as a kind of defibrillator. While channeled, however, the arc between the blades rapidly grows violent and deadly, capable of instantly killing through massive amperage.

The silver blue deepens into a dark amethyst when channeled, its arrays lit by near-white violet and silver. When brought close together the nature of their forging is clear, as their arrays crawl off one blade to continue on to the other.

Artwork provided by Alysia Prosser at Alysia Prosser Art

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