Sye's Twin Swords

Blade Breakers

Sye flicked his hand away.  Eris was surprised to see a bright bead of blood on his finger, as he had barely touched the edge.

Sye’s blades are made from Saranodian Aetherium and are weighted uniquely for each of his hands.  The swords wer
e made by Karatak the Third following the fall of Gaia.  Their forging were to Senallus the First’s careful instruction from information he gained through consultation of the Reficul.  The swords take after the form and function of many of the Legionnaires’ weapons and are also inscribed with the Legion’s symbol.

A wide notch is carved into the side of each blade, designed to catch an opponent’s sword and break it in the crossing.  The Aetherium of the swords are inlaid with a second-form Hydrologic array allowing them to rip  heat from objects they touch.  When channeled, the stolen heat is folded into Aether and lost.  This sudden plunge of temperature is particularly destructive to flesh and renders metal brittle.  Prolonged channeling can eventually bring a point of contact down into the double-digits of the Kelvin scale.

The swords are typically the standard silver-blue of Saranodian Aetherium.  Upon channeling, however, the surface of the swords approach an icy-white color and fluctuates with a mercurial shimmer.

Sye eventually modifies the sheaths in order to utilize Jakmin’s ‘Lightning-Draw’ technique.

Artwork provided by Alysia Prosser at Alysia Prosser Art

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