The Gauntlet

Saranoda's Cruel Gift

I will lend a helping, ah, ‘hand’.

The gauntlet was the last of Saranoda's "gifts" to Eris, although its presentation to her was violent.  Of its own accord, it attached itself to her right arm and is irremovable.   The gauntlet is made of a material that is impenetrable to any substance.  It is the only object known to scratch the metal of the towers.  The gauntlet is much larger than any normal human hand and is colored a deep black with a crimson gleam.The Gauntlet

With the gauntlet Eris is capable of feats of incredible strength.  It can crush khalist armor and weaponry easily in its palm and can strike with violent force.  Eris can faintly feel through it; vague feelings of temperature and pressure.  In moments where Eris' pacifism prevents her from defending herself, the gauntlet moves on its own to end threats to her.

Eris fears the gauntlet may cause her friends harm.  She wraps the gauntlet in her cloak during their travels; self-conscious of anyone staring at it.  The only thing preventing her from amputating herself is her belief the gauntlet would simply reattach itself elsewhere.