The Submersible

Saranodian A-22 Luxury Yacht

“It is not a boat it is a-”
-The Oracle, before being rudely interrupted by Zook

Eris, Pird, Zook, and Sye leave Saranoda aboard the A-22, a pre-Dominance War luxury submersible. Capable of going up to a hundred and five knots submerged, three-hundred while surfaced the A-22 is one of the smaller but more agile varieties of yacht-style submarines.  The A-22 is furnished with six bedrooms and an adaptive living space able to transition between kitchen, dining, and living room.  Like most of its series, the A-22 relies on zero-point energy pockets to store its
A-22 Submersiblesupplies of fine cuisine and entertainment.  There are few other provisions other than emergency flares and a pair of maintenance drones.  An automated cleaning system also utilizes the submersible's zero-point energy grid to move debris to the surrounding waters, a design choice that sparked controversy before the war.

As the A-22 was not designed to incorporate any sort of weaponry it was ultimately banned from use after the onset of hostilities of the Dominance War.  Saranoda's fleets of aquatic war-vessels were depleted by the end of the war, leaving the A-22 one of the few ships capable of carrying  Eris, Sye, Zook, and Pird from the tower to Benji.  The A-22 patrols the waters nearest to Sye, following a quantum beacon left in his possession by the Oracle in case the submersible is needed again.

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