Zook's Longsword

Scalpel of War

Zook's energy twisted up his arm and fed into the hilt of his Saranodian sword. The blue blade glowed and red rushed up from the cross guard, turning the metal into a ruby window with spinning designs deep in its horizon .

Zook’s longsword is made from Saranodian Aetherium and is weighted uniquely for his stature. The sword was made by Karatak the Third following the fall of Gaia. Its forging was to Senallus the First’s careful instruction from information he gained through consultation of the Reficul. The sword takes after the form and function of many of the Legionnaires’ weapons and is also inscribed with the Legion’s symbol.

When channeled, this longer weapon transforms Aether energy into thermal energy, releasing it violently into a ‘trough’ slipstream along the blade’s edge. This creates a razor cord of incredible heat against the already sharp longsword, allowing it to cut through any non-Aetherium substance. Wounds inflicted during channeling are cauterized instantly, leaving a subdued opponent stable, albeit deeply traumatized.

The Saranodian blade turns to a dark shifting crimson with glowing edges and spinning arrays etched in ember during channeling. Typically the sword remains silver-blue.

Artwork provided by Alysia Prosser at Alysia Prosser Art

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